Facing the continued hazards to the life by natural and manmade disaster such as floods, landslides by heavy rains, cloud bust, earthquake, draught and  fire not only resulting in losses of property, life stock and human life but also negate the development efforts and cause mental/physical disabilities as well.  The first priority of disaster management is the protection of the people who are most at risk. The second priority is the protection of the critical resources and systems on which communities depend.


After much deliberation and analyzing the situation of the disasters we experience such as earthquake in Latur (Maharashtra), Uttar Kashi (UP/Uttaranchal), Gujarat, draught in several states such as Orissa, Rajasthan, Bihar and the floods in perennial states covering almost all the north-eastern and northern regions. Few of us, the senior ex-service officers and certain dignitaries have joined hands together and set up the Disaster Management and Rural Development Society on 07th October 2002. The main task of this organization will be to strengthen the communities dedicated people in far-flung areas of the countries within the communities and outside the communities to develop the required skilled capable volunteers force.


India is one of the major disaster prone countries in the Asian region and 84% of the land is exposed natural calamities of one kind or another affecting approximate 60 million people every year. Large scale damage and loss of property caused by these natural disasters run into hundreds of crores of rupees. The losses keep mounting although substantial investments are being made on disaster control every year. The states which are extremely vulnerable to natural calamities such as Gujarat, Orissa, Bihar Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Himachal Pradesh, J&K, North East States like  Assam, Meghalaya and Sikkim.


The organization has following major objectives:

  • Disaster Management: To translate it with close participation of the target communities.
  • Rural Development: To make the community economically viable and thereby socially sustainable to minimize the impact of disasters.
  • Preparedness: The preparedness is organize and long range plan with short term action plans which requires establishment of inventories of resources with training of grass root people’s organization, local NGOs and community organizers through mahila mandal, youth clubs, village committees with support of panchayat  and district officials. This can include safe camp, readiness of immediate essential. This will also include appropriate housing, constructions and safe community wards with establish communication links. The storage of material equipment and wheel chairs including ambulance, medical services must be organized with readiness to respond according to the local situation and nature of disaster. It should be nearest to the areas with establishment, rooting and prepared man power to carry out the task.
  • Rehabilitation (Rehabilitation through long term planning strategies): Strategy of rehabilitation as an immediate shelter and long term planning for complete     rehabilitation through achieving ultimate change for socio economic development process. A new life has to be envisaged to ensure happiness and hope for all including employment potential, tools for craftsman as well as availability of materials, taking care of their agriculture land or for alternative site for housing and economic infrastructure


  • Building Community Organization: Leadership development, formation of mahila mandal, youth club and village communities.
  • Issue of poverty to be addressed and dealt with through the empowerment of the communities
  • Priority of health care with preventive measures, full literacy/education and identification of local resources be identified for increasing the productivity
  • The process will be achieved to human resource potential development and orientation of entrepreneurship to improve the total productivity and particularly entering into cooperative marketing and productions
  • Promotion of entrepreneurship development to reduce the dependence on state and central government employment. To motivate and encourage with appropriate skill development to meet these new challenges


We, as ex-army officers, who fought 1965, 1971 , Pakistan  and Kargil war, apart from taking part in various insurgencies operations, riot controlling  activities, are fully aware of your contribution, directly of indirectly during these happenings. We are also aware of your contribution during natural calamities, community development, and rural development & for social upliftment in various forms. We now appeal to you, to help us in this Pandemic of Century Covid-19, Cloud bust, landslides in hilly terrains and floods due to heavy rains are areas under  Disaster Management and  providing shelter, food, clothes, blankets and medicine extra.  Which we aware is also close to your heart.


We are seeking your help, support and donation will also help you in the following measures, apart from helping a moral cause:

  • You will get tax relief.
  • Your Organization will be permanently affiliated with our NGO.
  • We will promote your Organization’s name through our Brochure.
  • We will establish contacts especially with the villages nearby your Origination/manufacturing units (which are near remote villages & in tribal areas) with a  view to extend our NGO’s all possible help, as per mutually agreed programme / agenda.

We sincerely assure you, that the donation, which you will offer, will be utilized for the sole purpose, for which we are striving. You will have the right to quarry from us, the utilization of your donation.

We will like to reiterate that we are still ‘SOLDIER’ without uniform; only our roles have changed- “from protecting the country” to ‘upliftment of poor, and grief stricken people.

I, therefore, looking forward for your contribution by cheque / draft, which will be followed by official receipt and formalities for exemption of tax relief from our side. Your act of kindness will go a long way in the upliftment of under-privileged class of the society. Even if you decide not to contribute, we are requesting you for moral support to us. Crossed Cheque / DDs are accepted in favor of ‘UNI DISASTER MANAGEMENT AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY’ payable at Delhi / New Delhi.

Thanking you on behalf of members of our NGO and in anticipation of people who are looking for your help.

Maj. Gen. V.S. Karnik (Retd)

Our Executive Board Members

Maj. Gen. V S Karnik



Anil Kumar ​Trigunayat

(Former Ambassador)


Col. Prem Dutt Sharma


Secretary​​ General

Anup Sharma

Vice President

(Disaster Management)

Rana Pratap Bajaj

Vice President

(Rural Development)

Mr. Sanjay Chauhan